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Isaiah 47:13- 15 records a strong denunciation of astrologers and their craft. The book of Daniel confirms that astrologers like true discernment and that the only source of accurate Revelation is God Almighty (Daniel 2:2, 10).

God says anything bordering on worship of heavenly bodies is strictly forbidden (Deuteronomy 4:19).

Also, astrology is a form of occultism, and occultism in all forms is condemned (Deuteronomy 18:9 – 12; Jeremiah 10:2).

Astrology has other problems besides these biblical warnings:

1. Different astrologers give different interpretations of the same horoscope chart.

2. Astrologers do not agree on the number of signs of the zodiac. Suggestions include 12, eight, 10, 14, 24. The number of signed influences the interpretation of the data.

3. What is the basis of astrological authority? Who determines how many signs of the zodiac there are? How do we know the meaning of the various planets? All this seems arbitrary.

4. How to explain the different experiences of twins?

5. How to explain disasters where many people of different zodiac signs experience the same fate, such as a plane crash?

6. Studies show a prediction failure rate of 90% or worse for astrologers.

The only true testimony from the stars is that God is the glorious Creator (Psalm 19:1 – 4).

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