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Our attitude toward God shows itself in the charity we show others.

We are imitate the holy character of God, who cares for the poor, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

God desires generosity.  In what ways can you ‘leave the edges of your fields ‘ for those in need?

To sacrifice means to give up something valuable. A sacrifice of praise, doing good and sharing with others can be costly. It can cost you time, money and effort.

Be available to those in need.

Don’t be insensitive towards people.

It is easy to become unsympathetic  to others’ needs when you are bombarded by them daily.

Insensitivity is often a mechanism of self protection, but it is something that should not be a characteristic of Jesus’ followers.

Even if we don’t have material wealth, we can be rich in good works toward others. No matter how poor we are, we have something to share with someone.

God blesses us financially and with our talents. We are not to spend the resources He is giving us on ourselves.

We can use them to help others and to expand His kingdom. 

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