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Divorce is almost always an unhappy event.  It can be marked by disappointment, loss of dreams and expectations.

There are legal issues as well as financial, emotional issues. There will be changes in responsibilities and routines.

One cause of divorce is that partners grow emotionally distant, have unmet or often unrealistic expectations or develop separate visions of life.

God created marriage and intended for it to be permanent.

Divorce was not a part of God’s original plan. In fact, God hates divorce.

But because of sin, God allowed divorce for 2 reasons: When one of the marriage partners is unfaithful and when the unbelieving partner deserts the believing partner.

Divorce for any other reason is a violation of God’s ideal.

But it is God’s desire  that spouses forgive the offending spouse and be reconciled if possible.

But the good news is that God forgives all of our sins, including the sin of divorce.

We may still suffer the painful consequences of our actions. Violating God’s ideal brings a heavy price. 

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