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There are 6 problems with the theory of evolution:

  1. It is agreed the universe had a beginning. This implies the existence of a Creator.
  2. The universe is so perfectly fine tuned for life on Earth. It must have come from the hands of an Intelligent Designer.
  3. If evolution was true, the fossil records would reveal progressively complex evolutionary forms with transitions. However, no transitional links ( with species forming into different species) have been discovered in the fossil records.
  4. Evolution assumes a long series of positive and upward mutations. In almost all known cases, mutations are not beneficial but are harmful to living beings.
  5. The 2nd law of thermodynamics says that in an isolated system, like our universe, the natural course of things is to degenerate. The universe is running down, not evolving upward.
  6. Evolutionists often make false claims.   Some have claimed that scientific evidence confirms that evolution is true.

Microevolution and Macroevolution

Microevolution refers to changes that occur within a species: macroevolution refers to the evolution of one species into another.

We see microevolution today. All the different races of human beings  have descended from a single common human ancestor (Adam).

All kinds of dogs have micro-evolved from the original dog species God created.

In no cases have scientists observed macroevolution. Example: Dogs can take on new characteristics, but dogs have never evolved into cats.

God created the initial kinds of animals and each species reproduced, generation by generation according to its kind. (Genesis 1: 21,24).

The type of evolution is ‘micro’ in the sense that small changes have taken place in the various species. For example, humans have different eye, hair and skin color, different heights, etc.

Proof of microevolution is not proof for macroevolution.


A majority of mutations are detrimental to the organism.  Most mutations cause deterioration and breakdown.

These changes tend to make organisms less well-suited for their environment, thereby threatening their survival.

Individual complex organs (such as eye, heart) could not conceivable develop through mutations.

Natural Selection

Natural selection is blind and unguided. It can’t intelligently direct mutations.  That is a problem for evolutionary theory.

Mutations cause only one small change at a time and the development of a complex organ, would require thousands of positive mutations.

Natural selection couldn’t bring about complex organs by means of a step by step, generation by generation process over an incomprehensible long period of time. 

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