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Miracles and Deity

Miracles and Deity

Jesus’ deity is clearly revealed not only by His divine names and attributes but also by His many miracles.

The New Testament often refers to Jesus’ miracles and signs.

Jesus identity as God was attested to by many mighty works, wonders and signs.

Miracles in Jesus’ Hometown

Mark 6:4-5 affirms that a prophet  is without honor in his hometown.

He could not perform any  miracles except for healing a few sick people.

The people of Nazareth was plagued by unbelief and hardness of the heart. They paid little attention to His claims.

Jesus was not incapacitated in Nazareth. He could not do miracles there because of the pervasive unbelief in the city.

The people of Nazareth  had already make up their minds against Jesus and had provided evidence of their lack of faith in Him.

Jesus chose not to engage in miraculous acts there.  He refused to provide signs of His identity to people who had already decided to reject Him.

Unbelief and hardness of heart can exclude people from the disclosure of God’s grace that others may experience. 

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