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Miracles and the Meaning of Miracles

The Meaning of Miracles

Scripture uses 4 Greek words for miracles.  Dunamis means strength, inherent power, or powerful performing miracles.

In the New Testament, this word can be translated miracles or mighty works.

Semeion means assign, mark, or token, or that by which a person or a thing is distinguished from others and is know. A sign is a miracle with a meaning. It always points beyond itself to attest God and His messengers.

Terata means a wonder.  It refers to something that evokes astonishment or amazement in the beholder.

Erga means works. Jesus used this word to describe His distinctive works that no one else has done or can do.

A miracle is a unique and extraordinary event that awakes wonder, is wrought by divine power, accomplishes some practical and benevolent work and points beyond itself to God and His messengers.

There are several  purposes of miracles : Accredit God’s messengers, bring glory to God and Jesus, demonstrate the presence of God’s kingdom, promote faith among God’s people, demonstrate God’s sovereignty and help people in need.

We should not be surprises to see acts of God.

Miracles Can Happen

Some atheists claim  miracles are not possible because they violate the laws of nature.

When God miraculously intervenes in His creation, He doesn’t violate the laws of nature but rather supersedes them with a higher, supernatural manifestation of His will.

The forces of nature are not obliterated or suspended; they are only counteracted at a particular point by a force superior to the powers of nature.

God is not prohibited from taking action in the world if He so desires. 

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