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An oath is a solemn promise. Oaths can be found throughout the Bible.

In biblical times, oaths were taken very seriously.

Jesus teaches us that our character and reputation for honesty and the words we speak should be so consistently true that no one would think it would be necessary to make them swear an oath. Why? No one would suspect them of deception.

We are not to misuse God’s name when we take an oath.

How do we misuse God’s name?  God’s name reveals His character. His name is sacred.  We hear it used frivolously and in curses.  The way we use God’s name shows how we really feel about Him. His name deserves respect.

Not only is it wrong to give false testimony, it is wrong to withhold testimony.  In Leviticus 5: 1, silence could be considered a crime.

Sometimes we should speak up instead of staying quiet.  Sometimes we need to find a way to come forward and tell what we know.

Some promises are hard to keep.  Sometimes it is hard to keep our promises to God. But making a promise to God is a serious thing.  We need to be sure and do what we say when we make God a promise.

One day we will stand before Jesus who sees everything and give an account for everything we say and do.

Make sure your words confirm your commitment to Jesus. 

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