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Permissible but Not Necessarily Desirable

Permissible but Not Necessarily Beneficial

Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Paul had no interest in allowing the sinful patterns from which he had escaped through God’s grace to enslave him again.

Paul also told the Corinthian believers to avoid involvement in activities that would likely to seduce them back into their old ways of life.

Many of our old activities and relationships are not wrong in themselves, but staying involved in these things will naturally lead us toward a downfall.
If this is the case, these activities are not good for us. We need to avoid anything that might stop or slow our spiritual growth.

Some actions may hurt others. Anything we do that hurts rather than helps others is not right.

Our actions must be motivated by God’s love so that all we do will be for His glory. Before you commit to any action, ask yourself, “ Can I do this to the glory of God? Would this action represent Him in a manner worthy of His name? Is this action glorifying God? How can I honor God through this?”


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