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Polygamy is the state of marriage to many spouses.

Polygamy is now seen my 17% of Americans as acceptable. Why the increase? Maybe because of reality TV, specifically Sister Wives.

Genesis 4: 19-25 is the 1st mention of polygamy found in the Bible.

Polygamy is a distortion of what God intended for marriage.

Polygamous   relationships are found in the Bible. Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon all had multiple wives. 
However, polygamy  is never mentioned in a positive light.  The problems of such relationships are presented in the Bible.

Just because the Bible records polygamous relationships doesn’t mean that God approves of such things.

Monogamy is God’s standard for  the human race.  God set a pattern of monogamous marriage with one man and one woman.

Moses commanded the people not to have multiple wives.  Jesus affirmed that God created one male and one female and joined them in marriage.

Monogamous marriage prefigures Christ’s relationship with His bride, the Church.

God’s original creation was very good and that included one woman for one man.


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