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There are still more slaves today than at any previous point in history:an estimated 45 million people remain enslaved worldwide.

The most common form of the slave trade is now commonly referred to as human trafficking. Chattel slavery is also still practiced by  ISSIS.  In other areas, slavery (or unfree labor) continues through practices such as debt bondage, serfdom, domestic servants kept in captivity, certain adoptions in which children are forced to work as slaves, child soldiers, and forced marriage.

Slavery exists in  Niger, Chad and Sudan Ghana, and  Nigeria.  Slavery also  involves  human trafficking and the enslavement of child soldiers and child laborers, e.g. human trafficking in Angola, and human trafficking of children from  Nigeria to Gabon and Cameroon.

Forced labor in Sub-Saharan Africa  includes people involved in the illegal diamond mines of Sierra Leone and Liberia, which is also a direct result of the civil war in these regions.

Human trafficking is modern day slavery through force, fraud, and/or coercion. Estimated to generate $32 billion annually, it is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. It ranks between weapons and drugs. Approximately 27 million people a year are trafficked worldwide for labor and sexual exploitation. Of these, 80 percent are female and 50 percent are children. 70 percent of the females are trafficked for sexual purposes. An estimated 1 million children are forced into prostitution each year, totaling approximately 10 million children who are currently being sexually exploited for financial gain.

The Southeast US  can be classified as key area for human trafficking since nearly 40 percent of the major hubs in the US call it home. This is just beginning to be acknowledged, investigated, prosecuted, and researched. This makes the number of victims and cases impossible to quantify accurately.

The WellHouse is a place extending God’s grace to victims of human sex trafficking in Odenville, Alabama.

A call to our crisis line begins with an assessment to determine how the WellHouse can best help. Once the determination is made and a rescue plan is organized, the process of restoration begins. A rescued victim comes to the WellHouse via plane, bus, or personal vehicle. This process is facilitated by our Rescue Coordinator through the services of our dedicated Rescue Team. This marks an important first step towards freedom.

Click on this link to watch a video that tells the story of human trafficking along the Interstate 20 that runs from Texas, through Birmingham to South Carolina.

Interstate 20 (I‑20) is a major east–west Interstate Highway in the Southern United States. I‑20 runs 1,535 miles  beginning near Kent, Texas to  Florence, South Carolina.  Between Texas and South Carolina, I‑20 runs through northern Louisiana, central Mississippi, western and north-central Alabama, and north-central Georgia. I‑20 intersects seven of the ten primary north–south Interstates (all except I‑5, I‑15, and I‑25) and also the east–west Interstates 10 and 30.



God created all human beings in His image. We are all God’s children.  All social classes are broken down in Christ and we are all equal before God.

Paul urged Philemon to treat Onesimus, a slave  as a beloved brother in Christ. 

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