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Issues of life and death lie in the sovereign hands of God alone.

God has numbered our days and months. God has appointed our limits that we can’t pass.

Suicide violates God’s commandment to not murder. Why? Human beings are created in God’s image. We are not to murder anyone or ourselves.

People go through tough times.  When life throws you a punch and you feel like “checking out”, call on God. Trust in Him. He will help you.

People who have never felt depressed can’t understand what it’s life. Many believers in the Bible had periods of depression.

Paul went through extremely tough times. He ‘despaired of life” itself. Elijah, a great prophet, was so depressed that he prayed he would die. God didn’t get angry with Elijah. He loved him. He fed him a nourishing meal so he wouldn’t be weak.  He whispered gently to him. And he sent him a friend, Elisha.

Sometimes people confuse grief and depression.  Ask yourself why you are depressed. Has someone died recently? Has someone recently divorced? Have you moved?  You may be experiencing grief.

Some depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain can be helped by medications.

Are you wrestling with a problem you can’t handle on your own? Talk to someone, a parent, pastor, or counselor may help you find some answers.  God may even send you a friend like Elisha!

Are you experiencing fierce opposition? Are you experiencing challenges and setbacks?  Disappointments are inevitable. Discouragement is a choice. We don’t have to give in to defeat.

Spend time alone with God. He will give you victory. Fight your battles on your knees. We will win every time. 

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